Saturday, June 16, 2007


The crazy things I do...

Today, I watched a whole season of Dead Like Me. Okay, minus two or three episodes... but, seriously, I did a disk this morning, and two disks tonight. Gah.

I also knit through most of them, so I've got sore wrists and fingers, but my linen haltertop will probably be done in the next week! The design isn't at all what I originally envisioned, but I'm digging what is happening with it right now anyway...

Oh, and one other crazy thing I do? I volunteer to hoop at special events (when I can't convince them to pay me to do it...) ... and then I get pictures like this:

Which is the photo that best captures the extreme joy I feel when I'm hooping. Wheeee!

Taken by a parent or teacher or board member of the elementary school down by the Roundhouse, where I was hooping a couple weeks ago, to animate their walk-a-thon celebrations. One of the more low-key things I've done, but it was lots of fun... obviously :)

Monday, June 11, 2007


Puppet Bike!

Wow... the things you find when reading knitting blogs that are totally unrelated to knitting, but totally make your day!

Keep checking out the related links on YouTube to see more of the Puppet Bike clips! Dancing kitties! Alligators! Foxes!

Way cool. I love that people develop these unique ways to support themselves!

Oh, and let's say that you have til the end of June to get back to me about blog reading priveledges. Thanks to all of you who have already responded :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Lurkers, reveal thyne selves...

I think I'm going to be switching this blog to 'invite only' (hoping that I can, I haven't actually checked yet...)

.. 'cause I'm hoping to become more of a known name (celebrity knitting train trips across Canada, anyone?) .. and I don't want my past (or bitchy present) to haunt me.

So, if you want to keep reading, post a comment here or toss me an email with your Blogger-attached email addy so I can add you to the list of permitted readers.

I'll prob give it a week or so, don't dally too long!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I have famous podcasters doing me favours.

This is Sage Tyrtle of Quirky Nomads, singing O Canada for my mid-June podcast that will have a LOT of Canadian content. Listen here, then visit her show at and check out her episodes - I suggest that you choose an un-numbered one, so you don't wind up in the middle of an audio play.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Falling in love with Thursday nights.

Find us playing at Kits beach near the Watermark Restaurant any non-rainy Thursday night. Bring cameras :)

Friday, June 01, 2007


Oops, I've fallen...

.. off the wagon, but look, I'm back on!

I still smell faintly of fuel, after doing three burns with my new fire hoop last night! It is lovely, and I can do waaaaay more things, with more grace, than my last stumpy hoop.

This morning I need to gather together something that reads fairly costume-y, but that will breath enough that I won't die while hooping out in the unseasonably-warm Vancouver heat! I'm hooping down by the Roundhouse this afternoon, for a special school event they've got going on there... should be fun!


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