Monday, June 11, 2007


Puppet Bike!

Wow... the things you find when reading knitting blogs that are totally unrelated to knitting, but totally make your day!

Keep checking out the related links on YouTube to see more of the Puppet Bike clips! Dancing kitties! Alligators! Foxes!

Way cool. I love that people develop these unique ways to support themselves!

Oh, and let's say that you have til the end of June to get back to me about blog reading priveledges. Thanks to all of you who have already responded :)

"Blogger-attached email addy"... I *think* it's English...

You know my addies (or can call if you need another one) - and if I get accidentally locked out, I'll... I'll... Oh, hell - I might not even notice right away (but when I do, look out!)

Love you always, chiquita!
Oh, and it's my normal home address, then my oldest daughter, and my height in inches. ;o) (matches my birth year, by half).
You have my e-mail right??
Me again - finally watched Puppet Bike (way cool buskmobile), and then went looking for hoop vids - is it just me, or does digital recording omit the blurry tail that's so much a part of spinning fire? I didn't do any real research, but the two I found showed four distinct fire spots on the hoops, the entire time she was dancing - it didn't blur into a continuous ring like it does in 'real life'. Boo.
Have you seen me fire-hooping? I can't remember... but I'm thinking it doesn't turn into a ring of fire, since it IS just seperate spokes of flame... unless you're using a countache hoop, which has the wicking rope suspended all the way around the hoop.. waaaay too much fire for me!
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