Thursday, August 25, 2005


My first quote in a national publication!

See the article here.

Lisa Johnson interviewed me for The Tyee, after she caught the hooping bug at Shambala, a music festival in Nelson, BC. Small world connections: along with finding my posts about hooping in Vancouver, she also had a friend/roommate who told Lisa about her "manager" at the pool where she worked, who was hooping and spreading the hoop fever there... it was me!

This was pretty cool.. neat talking to Lisa, I swear I used the word "Joy" waaaaay too much in the interview, and I'm glad that she didn't spend a whole lot of time talking about hooping as fitness/weight loss... I know that is what some people do it for, but it really isn't at all what I'm interested in.. Joy, play, learning skills, connecting mind and body.. that's what hooping is all about for me.

Hoop-making has been going well.. along with continuing to make pretty sparkly hoops for myself, I've sold six in the last week, to folks who have played with mine at festivals or at the pool, or who have seen me wandering around with a hoop. I'm going to be working at program proposals to set up hoop-making workshops and hoop classes, too.. once I get through the September zoo here at work.

Weather: sunny, and warm... global warming has definitely hit Vancouver.

Chai's so far: 0! I think I had only one yesterday.. moving away from a Starbucks is definitely making me cut back.

Water: morning bath, but prob won't hit the pool.. I've been swimming less, and hooping more, but I also have a cold I need to kick, and the pool didn't help my coughing the other day.

Wardrobe: work uniform, nothing special. Lack of jewelry due to hooping and an ear piercing that is acting up.

Craft in progress: the fastest sweater ever... was in Seattle for Paul's BBQ on Sunday, then hit Weaving Works before I came back up on Monday.. had one sleeve done before I was back in town, finished the second sleeve Tuesday, finished the solid-colour mid-body last night in the wee hours, and now I just need to figure out the Fair Isle pattern I'm going to do for the yoke, hem and cuffs.. could be done in less than a week, at this rate! Brown Sheep wool/mohair, in bulky weight.. totally nice to knit with, too!

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