Sunday, June 26, 2005


Site Update!

Mostly just to take out the dated stuff that some of you have pointed out (thanks!) and to add the hooping news that I've already posted here.. gotta get some pics of that up, soon!

I'm now on my third 100' roll of irrigation tubing, so... over a dozen hoops made, and a few more in uncut form just waiting to be snipped and melted and plugged together.. and I have some shiny glitter tape that should be arriving in the next day or two! Razzmatazz!

Weather: overcast again.. was BEAUTIFUL yesterday, while I was inside helping Wolf paint his rental house that may or may not become my next abode.

Chai's so far: One. This may be on the next list of things I'm going to cut down, now that Magazines are under control.

Water Exposure so far: Bath, and polo... I think I played better yesterday than today, but I think in general everyone in the pool was low-energy and cranky ;) Upcoming water exposure: HUGE! I'm going to be teaching Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross all next week, so in the water a couple times a day, for hours at a time.. brrrrr...

Music: All about hooping.. just getting into buying stuff that makes me think "performance worthy"

Wardrobe: black linen capris, watermelon handknit tube top, and a necklace that I made, revamping a piece of enamelled copper that I salvaged from an old necklace of my mom's, just making a bezel for it with a couple half-loops soldered on, and a shiny black cord run through those... very hip, yet timeless.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Hooping VS Blogging VS Beading VS...

Okay, I have a new passion. It's called hooping, and the best place to learn more is on from a lovely lady named Ariel and her friends. I don't even remember how I got there in the first place, but her video of herself hooping around in her livingroom has had me buying 200ft of irrigation tubing to make hoops for myself and my friends (and complete strangers, too) and spending at least 50 hours in the last month spinning and twisting myself and my hoops around.

Other things that have popped into my interest lately include bellydancing ( has the best video I've seen yet) though I won't be taking it up any time soon, as it ain't my culture... and silversmithing!

Finally, I feel that the "metal" part on my site and my business cards is justified.. The last weekend in May, I took an intensive weekend silversmithing course and learned how to saw, shape, solder, pierce, file and finish pieces of jewelry, and have not touched glass since! (HOPEFULLY I'll get interested in doing glass again, sometime soon, 'cause there's a Molten Obsessions show in September, and the deadline for entries is in July! Eek!) Some things have worked exactly how I pictured them, other things have refused to work no matter what I try (stupid bezels) and there's sooooo much I want to do, I'm often too boggled to do anything! Sad state of affairs, really.

Just got back from my friend Mignon's wedding... her new husband has the best laugh ever! I sometimes have to remind myself that my loud, joyous outburts of laughter are good... but listening to him laughing with the officiant while waiting for Min's procession was a beautiful thing :) (I could appreciate his friend's comment, too, about being glad that Srini was relaxed, because he hadn't heard him laugh for the two or three days previous, due to pre-wedding stress) Min and Srini looked very happy together, and knowing the family battles they had to fight to get to this point, the strength of their committment to each other is obvious. Makes me wistful, of course... and then I talk to a friend about my lack-of-permanent-partner, and he reminds me that I'm standing in my own way. Guess at some point I'm going to have to get beyond my worry and pressure to have something immediately perfect, and be open to the wonderfulness and awkwardness and non-end-of-the-world-disagreements that exist out there in my future!

Weather: overcast, but not raining (yet)

Chai's so far: one, plus a lot of wedding punch and nibbles..MmmMmmm :)

Water Exposure so far: one bath, not bothering to swim, but hooped for an hour or so... hooping has even taken over my lunchbreaks, so I'm only actually swimming during polo practice!

Craft Project in progress: that would be the 3D silver pendent I started a couple days ago.. a bit too rushed and sloppy in the cutting stage meant that the solder stage didn't go well, so I'm gonna have to tear it down and revamp...

Music: everywhere! I've started buying individual songs from iTunes, rather than buying whole CDs and only liking one or two tracks... I'll post Hooping Mixes up, eventually.

Wardrobe: pretty wedding wear: brown crinkle skirt, brown tank, brown leather clogs, and first aid tape on my foot to hold the cracks together! (too much hooping on rough concrete)

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