Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Purple Sheep Douche

I shoulda listened.. I shoulda believed her.... I shoulda known that combining wool, vinegar, and dye, would smell like sheep douche (though it DOES currently appear to be a really pretty colour of purple!). (to hear who I am talking about, listen to Christa Knits, the episode with Rabbitch!)

Big messy fun today, though with a horrible start: the Pyrex measuring cup I was using to heat/dilute the yellow dye powder into water, in the microwave, EXPLODED! Ka BOOOM! Little teeny pieces of Pyrex EVERYWHERE... along with 250ml of yellow dye. Nice, eh? So, spend 30min cleaning that up, saddened that I had no more yellow dye with which to mix colours... will need to hit Maiwa on Granville Island on Friday to pick up more, methinks.

Currently I have some roving cooling down in a stock pot in the stove, after simmering in its water/vinegar/dye stock for the last hour. It was squirts of all the colours I managed to make sans yellow: magenta, purple, deep blue, turquoise, and blue/green... and currently looks like deep purple. I'm hoping there will be SOME varigation to it when it has cooled down enough that I can rinse out the dye and see what happened! I also have four melted knockoff ziplock baggies containing various balls of light coloured wool that I squirted dyes onto.. most also looking 'purple'. The one that DOES look interesting is the sock yarn that I put onto of plastic wrap on the table, and squirted colours on different parts - still pretty mixed, 'cause I hate clumping stripes in my knitting, but it at least has light and dark areas, so there should be SOMETHING neat to watch when I knit it up...

Anyway, time to bathe, and get ready to teach my Design A Sweater class tonight! I'm hoping the yarn might be cool enough to rinse out one and take it with me, but I'm not holding my breath.

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