Saturday, June 09, 2007


Lurkers, reveal thyne selves...

I think I'm going to be switching this blog to 'invite only' (hoping that I can, I haven't actually checked yet...)

.. 'cause I'm hoping to become more of a known name (celebrity knitting train trips across Canada, anyone?) .. and I don't want my past (or bitchy present) to haunt me.

So, if you want to keep reading, post a comment here or toss me an email with your Blogger-attached email addy so I can add you to the list of permitted readers.

I'll prob give it a week or so, don't dally too long!

I'd like to keep reading so make sure you include me.....
Don't be ashamed of your past! Puff out your chest (ok, maybe not you specifically) and let your freak flag fly! :)
hey christa, i just came across you over on derek's blog (big bummer, that). good to run into you here - i've seen you around town here and there, too, from afar, with your hoop ...

anyway, here i am, revealing myself :)
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