Saturday, September 24, 2005


Holy Giant Blood Clot, Batman!

My beloved coworker Katie ( has a clot in her arm, from the elbow up to her neck. The arm was swelling alarmingly (an alarming arm?) for a couple days before she finally saw a real doctor, who looked at it and sent her to the hospital ASAP. She's now in there for a few days, and off work for a least a couple weeks, getting clot busters, blood thinners, and anti-coagulents pumped into her, as well as angioplastic surgery, where they insert teeny balloons into your ateries or veins, and then inflate the balloon and the little piece of mesh it is carrying to create a giant passageway for blood. (I love saying "coagulent".. makes your mouth move in a bunch of different shapes)

Has made me think about a) dying, b) losing the function in one or more limbs, and c) all the things I should do before either of those happen... but hasn't made me any less of a chicken, so said things may be staying undone for a bit longer...

Time to hit the floor though (that would be, in place of "bed", since I'm sleeping on the floor of my office tonight, between hoop dancing at Just Dance ( and playing polo at 8am tomorrow in our Fall Classic Tourney (for which I have a lovely embroidered ref shirt, to go with my soon-to-be-certified ref status)... its sleepover night at the pool, with one supervisor and one guard also bedding down, along with another supervisor/guard and her fiancee who can't find the bus schedule to get themselves home... Slumber Party!

Weather: Nicely clear and crisp for late September.. really chilly at night to be ref'ing without gloves!

Chai's so far: None! Truly sad, will have to get one in the morning to fix that.

Water: Ah, one nice game of polo against a women's team from California... sad: every shot I made from the hole either hit the goalie in the belly, or went sailing over the net. Less sad: I got lots of kickouts or breakaways, so would have gotten a ton of "assists" if we tracked them in polo games.

Wardrobe: blue hoodie and blue sweatpants, work uniform to sleep in. Warm, smurf-like, not so much stylin'.

Craft in progress: The fastest sweater ever has stalled.. needs a remake on the collar, and cuffs to be added, along with yarn ends to be sewn in. Briefly started spinning dreadlocks for my friend Claire today (who is shaving her head for charity on Monday, so wouldn't be able to wear them anyways) but didn't realize how long they actually took..

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