Tuesday, January 27, 2009



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Another To-Do list...

(carried over from last Tuesday)

1 - done (again, today)

2 - done (fairly, along with getting feedback on it from Kim, so I feel on track)

3 - not done, will do next

4 - turns out I don't have the errored pattern on Ravelry yet, so I won't post errata until it is up somewhere

5 - saw a wee bit of Obamaness. God, the man can talk!

6 - Still on today's list.

7 - NEW - compile submisison dates and data for various publications and put it all in one place

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today's To-Do list

1 - thank my sweetie for the lovely laptop that lets me work from cafes on my weirdly broken workdays

2 - write copy for my new knitting website, along with continuing to plot out the content, now with the first pattern error that needs to be changed and appear in an Errata page

3 - update http://christagiles.com - it still talks about lessons at Little Nest, which I was trying to do last year

4 - list the errata on the pattern page on Ravelry

5 - watch a bit of the ObamaFest

6 - get PayPal button code for each of my patterns ("Buy it now" and "add to cart") to pass to Kyle

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Progress progressing progressively.

Less resolutions, and more of a to-do list for the next year:

1 - finish cleaning and sorting the studio, so it becomes a functional-er workspace. This includes getting all the files off the old clunker machine (thank you Kyle, it served me well for a really long time), getting rid of the IKEA egg-shaped desk that noone else thinks is nifty (I thought it did a really good job of fitting in the weirdly shaped free space in the kitchen for a dining table in my old place), and figuring out something that will function as a desk (or at least a laptop support) at the height that my recently-freely-aquired stenographer chair will lower to (not low enough for a regular desk, for whatever reason). This does also include the potential for a yarn give-away, as I get it all in one place and perhaps take a good look at what I will never use, even if I take up weaving and make a billion blankets, wraps, throws, table runners, and tote bags.

2 - get rid of the clothes that don't flatter me, or that are unlikely to fit before they go out of style, and aren't suitable for revamping into cool things... and the underwear with holes, single socks, and painfully pokey old underwire bras.

3 - continue my quest for personal wellbeing - this currently includes being tested for hypothyroidism (runs in the family), diabetes and low iron (since we're drawing blood anyway), keeping an eye on my mental noise (hopefully the recent bout of anxiety is attached to a thyroid problem, but I've already had a chat with my wonderful psych {from the days of work issues} which brought some awareness and relief in the form of acknowledgement and a reality check), and a continued plan to eat healthier while being full of self-love for the shape I am right now.

4 - submit at least one design to a publication that I respect: knitty, Interweave Knits (or Spin Off), and the like... and being prepared for rejection, but putting lots of work into making the submission as inspiring and polished as possible

5 - get my knitting website redone (yay again for Kyle) and start blogging regularly, possibly with some teaching-ish articles with unique content, or other things that will help me build my readership and pattern sales.

6 -standardize my current patterns to help me feel more confident about my presentation when I approach yarn shops or pattern wholesalers about carrying my patterns.

7 - use my new fibre-world-domination guru to figure out if (6) is even a route to pursue, in this world of online- and self-publishing

8 - write a book of knitting patterns (I may leave the actual publication for next year)

9 - find a method of publicizing my hoop classes that I can comfortably do (since sending press releases to newspapers appears to fall outside that catagory), to maintain at least one, but hopefully two, classes a week

10 - continue being happy, fun, and interesting... for myself, and for my relationship with Chris. I'm still digging it madly :)

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