Saturday, July 23, 2005



Ouch... thank god for mellow friends and future roommates who are willing (at least once) to come help you finish packing and get through moving day. (and thank god for friends with cars who are willing to drive the fragile loads over the day before...)

One friend, two strangers, their big truck, 5 hours, $340 later.. and it is all in the new place (except for the cat scratching box that I forgot in the storage room downstairs in the old place).

Love it.

Love love love.

Spend a ton of money on new plants, too, and have passionflowers and sunflowers and herbs growing happily at my front door.

I'm too tired to add anything else.. but more will come later! Off to finish teaching NLS, and Illuminares tonight with Zohar, whee!

Friday, July 08, 2005


Old old old old pics.

And, me as a redhead, on a rare occassion of wearing glasses to work, too! Diane from Williams Lake, and Chris (from somewhere, not Williams Lake) were fun co-workers that I still run into now and again... Posted by Picasa


Sassy blonde girl, playing in the bubbles in sistah Heather's home whirlpool. See? Her trailer is nicer than any place I've lived.. it had a WHIRLPOOL! Posted by Picasa


Birthday party.. I'm going to guess around year 28? Broke my thumb closing the door of a mini-van I'd rented, two days before my art class at Emily Carr started.. but this was a nice Gore-Tex and FibreGlass cast that would allow me to still swim and lifeguard, so it was all good! Posted by Picasa



Well, its official! Phil Stephen (friend from WL, though we weren't particularly friends as kids, just had a nice road trip back to Vancouver a couple Christmases ago and hit it off) and I, and a presently unconfirmed third, will be taking residence in a house that Wolf and his friend Dan have bought and spent months renovating...

Three bedrooms, big quirky-shaped living room, bright kitchen, and what will become a GIANT ART STUDIO on the back deck, which is completely enclosed and has tons of good, non-south light. I'll actually be able to live somewhere that I can invite people over and not be completely embarrased about the state of everything, cause most of my "everything" will be on shelves in the studio, instead of crammed everywhere. And, having roommates will also kill the dropping-clothes-where-they-are-removed, and dishes-in-the-sink-for-a-half-year... Should be lovely.

Thanks to a timely ear infection (Ooh! Can't dive to the bottom of the 5.2m tank to rescue someone due to risk of ear damage! No work for me for three days!) I'm actually ahead on my packing.. have found that reams-of-paper boxes from copy shops are even better than Fry boxes from McDonalds (No need to tape the bottom! Handy lids!) and I have enough places to hit up that I've been able to bring a half-dozen boxes home everyday.

Now, about the STUFF. My god, I'm a packrat. Hard to throw anything away (or donate to the back-alley binners who may be able to sell it for something) without thinking "Ooh, I could keep it and make it into...." or "but, ____ gave it to me, so it is special..." SO, for those of you who have made/given me gifts over the years, please know that I love and cherish them for the time and thought, but those that do not continue to give me ultimate joy to behold or experience are going to be set free to lighten someone else's world. And, I hearby tell you that I will completely understand when you do the same thing to any of the billion of hand-made thingys of mine that are floating around out there. :)

Also time for a haircut, to lighten my shaggy 'do.. but I'm digging it long, even after my packing process turned up a couple rolls of undeveloped film that included pics of me with super short blonde or red hair.. I'll pop those in here so y'all can have a giggle.

Off I go, to be effective!

Weather: grey, drizzly, lovely.

Chai's so far: one, empty cup at my side in the Internet Cafe.

Water: a bath, but haven't been in the pool since Tuesday, due to ear.. I'm going to try to go for a kick workout this afternoon, cause I'm going in withdrawl.

Wardrobe: brown linen capris, beige cami. Not big in the flattering zone, but comfy, and willing to be riddled with little clippings of hair.

Craft work: just put together a bracelet and necklace dangle and lariat for Chin, an artist who bought one of my lariats from the last Molten Obsession show, and we arranged a trade of one of her paintings (bead related, pretty cool) for similar worth of my bead.

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