Saturday, June 16, 2007


The crazy things I do...

Today, I watched a whole season of Dead Like Me. Okay, minus two or three episodes... but, seriously, I did a disk this morning, and two disks tonight. Gah.

I also knit through most of them, so I've got sore wrists and fingers, but my linen haltertop will probably be done in the next week! The design isn't at all what I originally envisioned, but I'm digging what is happening with it right now anyway...

Oh, and one other crazy thing I do? I volunteer to hoop at special events (when I can't convince them to pay me to do it...) ... and then I get pictures like this:

Which is the photo that best captures the extreme joy I feel when I'm hooping. Wheeee!

Taken by a parent or teacher or board member of the elementary school down by the Roundhouse, where I was hooping a couple weeks ago, to animate their walk-a-thon celebrations. One of the more low-key things I've done, but it was lots of fun... obviously :)

Oooh, Dead Like me. We did that marathon - couldn't stop watching it.

I blamed my boss who said I should watch it.

Although, every time I see Mandy Patikin now, I yell out "My name is Inigo Montoya!" or "I do not think that means what you think it means."
I've done the same thing with MASH, and with CSI - I'm just waiting for the day the box-set producers realize they can make even *more* money off re-runs by including ads - kind of like they've done with movie DVDs, which never used to have honest-to-god commercials, or even trailers attached.

Mind you, I occasionally (shhh!) miss commercial breaks - 'cause then you can skip out to the loo without searching for the remote to pause the show!

ps - four more sleeps!
I love Dead Like Me. I wish someone had been better inthe PR department and got the show more mainstream so it wouldn't have been cancelled after the second season. I bought the box set because it was on sale for a freakishly low price, and I'd never seen the show before, but ended up marathoning through it as well. It was 2 am and I was telling myself I had to go to bed and get some sleep, while at the same time the little voice was saying, just one more episode.
It's plaing on showcase now.
I want to resume watching Six Feet Under, too.. got through maybe two seasons of that, and started a third? Me and my fascination with death :)

Yay, four more sleeps! Billy better have been practicing his poi spinning!
I'll let *him* tell you about it... >:(
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