Friday, January 08, 2010


The Gratitude Project: Day 30

1 - for knowing Tillie, and getting to know Robin, who are the people responsible for getting me into this project... anyone who points me on a path of gratitude is a brilliant being.

2 - for the energy burst last night that let me finish my list of house chores: organizing my clothing (incl getting rid of tattered or misfitting underthings, socks with holes, clothing that I never really wear), cleaning out the fridge (I'll just say... ugh... and yikes!), and scrubbing the sticky off the kitchen floor

3 - for knowing Phil, who joined us on the drive back to Vancouver from Williams Lake after Christmas, and the discussion that led me to what will be my next phase of daily postings: Intentions and Gratitudes.

I'll be doing this until mid-April, in recognition that I find late Winter and early Spring challenging. Each morning, I'll set myself an Intention for the day, whether it be a specific action/goal to achieve, or a feeling or flavour to hold present in my thoughts. Each night, I'll express gratitude for something special that I experienced, felt, or witnessed that day.

Feel free to join in, if this seems like it would be a good thing in your life!

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