Thursday, January 07, 2010


The Gratitude Project: Day 29

1 - that I was able to keep on track and get a good chunk of my chores list done yesterday

2 - for the gifting of usable things (made chili in my new crock pot, that came from my Aunt Roxie after my cousin Colin turned it down {too big for their tiny place}, looking forward to attempting more dishes) and the using of gifted things (C ordered a MIDI connector yesterday, which will let me hook the piano up to my laptop so we can get rid of the gigantic XT computer that is collecting dust in the livingroom {it was either a gift from my Dad or from Paul... and has done its job for almost two decades, but since it now requires to be turned on a half hour in advance, then turned off, then turned on again before it will actually boot up and show anything on the screen.. a replacement is a good thing!} after transferring all my Cakewalk files to 3.25 disks to rescue my compositions over the years

3 - for the kindness and assistance of strangers: the folks on the John Bridge Ceramic Tile forums are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge, and have been providing quick answers to my questions about plumbing, tiling, fake walls, etc. We will have water in the bathroom after this weekend (hooray!!), and then I get to start tiling, wheee!

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