Tuesday, January 05, 2010


The Gratitude Project: Day 27

1 - that I didn't get hurt last night, despite being very confused and continuing to ride at close-to-usual speed around the Stadium Skytrain area, where new fencing and barricades have appeared that may or may not be isolating OR closing the bike lanes along Pacific Boulevard. Lack of signage, not so good. Biking again after holiday break, very good!

2 - that the West Coast Seeds catalog that just arrived has me excited about planting, tending, and harvesting delicious food!

3 - that I have a few hours this afternoon between knitting lessons that I get to call my own, and will use to attatch my NaSweKniMo hood to the sweater body, and get started on the giant thorny vines that will be banding the whole thing!

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