Monday, January 04, 2010


The Gratitude Project: Day 26

1 - this is actually a bit late, but finding out via Christmas cards that I am an aunt! C's neice calls me Auntie Christa, whee!

2 - that I was able to overcome my usual loath-to-clean-and-tidy habits, and stick to it: the living room and the bedroom both look pretty darn good. Still a layer of dust in the living room, but all the books have made it back from various corners of the house onto the shelves, AND are in alphabetical order (after I had a minor near-meltdown and then realized it was just books, and C's version of sorting would be easier) AND completely merged... which made C point out that we were stuck with each other now :)

3 - self-awareness and an understanding partner: three near-meltdowns in the last 24 hours make me think that I may be allergic to January, as it was this time last year that my brain chemistry went screwy and I was struggling with hysteria on a daily basis.. hopefully this year I can tap into some of the things that seemed to help previously, and minimize the angst.

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