Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 8

1 - that C and I made time to go to Tilly's cheesecake party, where an hour turned to three in the company of comfy, delightful, entertaining, connected, thoughtful, and lovely folk. I do well in small groups, more so than larger circulating parties (hey, new insight for the evening! .. heh, points out a bunch of my insecurities actually, involving being boring, or awkward, or abandoned, or unwanted...)

2 - that the conflict that occurred at waterpolo on Thursday night (I wasn't there, heard about it in my role as Omsbud for the club) didn't carry over to practice tonight, and that those of us who showed up managed to make a good game of 4-on-4 last for close to an hour (without dying, though I did get more battered than usual tonight!)

3 - that it has been okay to postpone our electrical planning until tomrrow, so I can catch up on my sleep - four hours after a late-night/early-morning party just wasn't enough. Oh, and that I've probably already had the flu, so I can afford to be a bit run down.

What are you grateful for?

(PS: Hi Robin!)

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