Friday, December 11, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 5

1 - Melatonin tablets work! I remembered that we had some left over from our Japan trip a couple summers back, and that I had read somewhere that they were good for regulating sleep patterns. Popped one around 11:30 last night, and shortly after 1am I was out like a light (C confirms that I was sleeping as soundly as he's ever seen, including hard to move when my legs were overly tangled in his)

2 - On days when I have specific lists and timelines, I can DO them! I'm not a hopeless cause! Today: visited Dresssew, successfully avoided buying $2 yarn, came home and raked leaves, cleaned the fish tank, did some laundry, blocked a sweatercoat, and am just about finished my video homework for the week!

3 - that I'm comfortable keeping time for the activities that I love (and that help my business grow).. I'm totally looking forward to hooping at the Saturday Circus tomorrow afternoon. Woot!

If you're joining me in the Gratitude project (30 days of posting three things, no matter how small, that you're grateful for..), please leave a link to your blog, Twitter feed, or Facebook ID so I can check it out!

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