Thursday, December 10, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 4

1 - that C and I can have discussions and planning sessions around our home renovations that are calm, rational, and full of self-awareness ("I thought this..." "I have been that...")... so even when it is feeling like crunch time, we're not struggling with relationship angst.

2 - for the time in my schedule to pop in private hoop lessons in exchange for (what turned out to be) private blues dancing lessons. - David and Diane are excellent teachers, and we're learning lots!

3 - for recognition at work as "the colour expert" - so I get days like today, where I get to spend 20min working with a customer to find a colour for a scarf that will look good (no, great!) on her... and where she winds up choosing my main pick (though without pressure - she took a selection of yarn outside with a hand mirror to look at them in the natural light, and came back having switched from her main pick to mine!) ... I like helping people find the right colours, comes from spending too many years rereading "Colour Me Beautiful" when I was a kid.

Well? If you aren't interested in starting a full-on Gratitude Project yourself, you can still at least post one or two things happening in your life that are particularly good :) Join me!

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