Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 3

1) I'm reeaaally grateful that I finally managed more than 5.5hrs of sleep last night. As a leftover from having the flu/whatever for those two weeks last month, my sleep pattern has been whacked - awake until 3:30amish, and then up at 8:30am and unable to get back to sleep. Last night, I shut down my computer just before 2am, listened to the CBC news and a bit of the show afterwards, and was probably out by 2:15... and managed to dose through until 9:30. Serious progress!!

2) that I've managed to attract and keep so many darn lovely people/students in my weekly knitting and hooping classes. It is just so awesome that I don't dread ANY of my work committments, and instead look forward to each one.. and that the variety continues to sit well with my mental and physical needs. In January, I'll finish up my work on the West Side - haven't been teaching at Urban Yarns this fall (due to a miscommunication about when I'd return, plus lack of demand...), and have decided to stop teaching springboard diving (though HM! Maybe I should check out one of the newer pools closer to home.. I've always wanted to get staff priveledges in the Vancouver Parks Board system) because the two+ hours of transit out to UBC for an hour of diving plus a bit of admin work seems like a waste. Instead, I'll add Friday to my 'work at home' days and really push myself to get more patterns out, and get my online teaching off to a good start!

3) that my dad was computer-positive really early (I think I was in grade 7 when he brought home a Commodore Vic 20), leading me to be really comfortable with technology... and that I've managed to hook up with techies as friends and loves for the stuff that is beyond my mastery. (not saying that I COULDN'T master the stuff... I'd just rather knit!) Today's job list includes taking photos for patterns and ads, editing them in Photoshop, getting in on the live chat for my online course on teaching online courses, sending out an email newsletter to my hoop students... oh, and tearing the walls of the bathtub and shower down, while listening to podcasts.


What are you thankful for today?

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