Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 22

Three things that I am grateful for today:

1 - that I keep getting positive reinforcement - if something is bothering me, and I can identify it and talk about it, fear-easing and resolution and other good things happen as a result

2 - that the result last night was that I went to a house party where I knew very few people (normally = eeek!) but everyone was friendly and chatty and comfortable and I had an awesome time (including some dancing in the living room, whee!!)

3 - that despite having torn out our bathtub yesterday (okay, C took a sledgehammer to it and tore it out while I was still sleeping off the stomach bug), I got to get squeaky clean... having spare enormous food-grade vats that are *almost* Christa-sized (I could kneel, but not sit) and a clever partner who thought to unhook the washing machine supply line so we could use it to get water in from the laundry sink, all made for a pretty darn entertaining bath experience!

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