Monday, December 28, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 20

Warning: some grossness to come!

This post is coming late, too.. I've usually been writing in the wee hours, but last night I made an effort to get to bed at a reasonable time to make up for all of the late nights and less-than-ideal sleeps... but got paybasck this morning with a stomach bug that has kept me in bed, or kneeling over the toilet, all day.

1 - for C, whose immediate reaction to "I feel kinda gross" was "I think you should take the morning/afternoon off", and changed plans from tearing out the tub (which would require the removal of the toilet, too) to doing a bit more demolition on unneeded walls and doing a dump run instead, so I could have toilet access for whatever it was that my bod was going to throw my way

2 - for my general health, when a day of feeling gross and throwing up a couple times is the worst that I have to deal with

3 - for my Aunt Roxie, leader of the extended family in keeping in touch and on top of gossip, who has invited us to a dinner with a visiting and local cousin - one I haven't seen in... 10?... years (due to living in different parts of the country), and the other I haven't seen in a few years, since I stopped guarding at UBC where he trains for triathlons. She and my Uncle Don have always thrown fabulous dinner parties, and her style of showing extreme delight and enthusaism and support for anyone's passions has always been a welcome thing in my life.

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