Saturday, December 26, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 19

Missed yesterday's post, but there was a lot of gratitude expressed at home in Williams Lake :)


1 - to be back home in Vancouver, in my comfy bed, with my sweetie, all safe and sound

2 - to have a week ahead that will see major progress in the recovery of our bathroom. Tonight or tomorrow shall include mass amounts of planning, and I am close to giving in on my lovely-but-not-so-workable design idea in exchange for getting it done.. and I'm okay with that!

3 - to have had a glorious visit to my parents, sister, and brotherinlaw, plus their dogs.. and to have packed sufficiently warm clothing that I didn't freeze! Special handmade gifts were also awesome (mixed CDs, knit dishcloths, a sweater drying rack) plus a "to treat yourself" gift that I haven't decided how to use yet.. whee!

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