Thursday, December 24, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 18

1 - for my mother's cooking, and the baking of the various people involved in the church's "cookie walk" - a fundraiser where people bake an enormous amount of cookies, then have them all laid out around a room (with ingredients, nut warnings, etc), then other people take boxes, fill them up with all the cookies that look appetizing, and then pay by weight as they leave.... mad shortbread skills!

2 - for the Christmas Eve service that included TUBA (!!!!!) at the beginning and end, with a nice little Dixieland clarinet in the middle, and a slightly hyper/wired minister having a private chat with us before the service that included little religion but a lot of welcome.

3 - for C, who came to the service with me, even though religion is completely against his beliefs. I am really happy that I can be spiritual, and he can be scientific, and we can still get along.

4 - for my mom's answer, when I saw her bring presents out to pile under the tree and asked, "Will you still love me even if I didn't buy any presents because I thought we weren't doing that any more??": "Yes. You're here, and that's present enough."

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