Monday, December 21, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 15

1 - that I am hale and hearty, so the only health concern I currently have is that my body is super-achey-sore from renos. Yesterday we took out the cast-iron waste/drain/vent pipes in the house, and replaced them with new-fangled ABS.. and it worked!

2 - that C is a wonderful partner who works hard and was willing to stay home and keep working on the ABS installation while I went to the staff Christmas party for the yarn shop, so that we would have a working toilet and shower this morning! Also, he was calm in the face of my morning freak-out yesterday when I realized that neither of us had a really firm idea of what had to happen to make this all work! (two great minds plus research plus the internet = win!)

3 - that the two owners of the yarn shop are wonderful, generous bosses who don't hesitate in sharing the success of the shop by gifting us with fantastic things at the end of the year! (part of the gift was a skein of glorious handdyed cashmere... expect to see a lacy mini-shawl in a few months, in the yummy delicious sea greeny-blue that I've fallen in love with lately :)

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