Friday, December 18, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 12

1 - I'm grateful for the day's traffic flow at the yarn shop - quiet at the beginning (while I wanted to finish weaving in ends of a new sweater) steady through the early afternoon (kept it from dragging), and then solidly busy before emptying right at the time that I wanted to take off early... so I felt like I'd earned it

2 - for the planets aligning/fate/whatever that allowed me to find the outfit I wanted to wear tonight with less than 10 min of searching. In the current chaos of my laundry, that's pretty fabulous. Note for new year: weed through clothing AGAIN, with more strictness this time about what gets to stay (should be easier, as I'm doing it of my own volition this time, and already looking forward to it - perhaps subscribing to The Unclutterer blog has had some effect

3 - for the wicked awesome good time I had at the Mad Skillz Vancouver festival fundraiser: the hooping workshop I ran first thing was a hit - lots of success to see, and lots of great (happy, satisfied) feedback from my participants, fun to watch other hoop instructors teach their set, and then a wicked good time dancing to the many-piece funk band that closed the evening.. hooping to live music in a space where everyone is fully aware that there's hooping going on, and they are leaving me to dance as much as I want... is an amazingly good thing. Oh, and getting to do some dancing with Chris, showing off what we've learned in Blues Class, was awesome too.. (more excited about the dancing, not really caring about showing off or not)

It was a good day (as they all are!). How was yours?

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