Thursday, December 17, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 11

1 - that I finally figured out a work-around to be able to chart my sweater collar in Word (my go-to software for tables and charts, 'cause I already know how to work it)... even though it refused to do a 130-cell-wide chart. The solution? Do 130-cell-LONG chart instead - it doesn't have a height limitation for some reason!

2 - that even though I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off 30min before hoop class tonight (door paint-stripping and dishes were left a bit late in the day, so when it came time to start gathering my gear for my usual leisurely bike-loading and THEN I remembered that I had to make a hoop for one of tonight's students AND THEN I couldn't find the pipe cutters and called C and he didn't know where they were and I looked around some more.. and then I gave up and hacked away at the tubing with some a) garden shears b) tin snips and then c) hair scissors and finally got it).... EVEN THOUGH all of that was going on, I was able to stay real through the chaos: it IS my fault for procrastinating and doing fun stuff earlier in the day, No the universe isn't out to get me, and if I am a bit late to get to class it will be okay - my students are understanding and will accept an apology if I need to offer one. Used to be that I'd spend a lot of time kicking myself and saying bad things about myself and my habits and generally carrying the guilt and bad self-talk for days... so I've come a long way!

3 - the sun came out today for a few minutes, and I was in the room with the patchwork curtain my mom sewed for me a handful of years back, from a description of an idea I had... the room was glowing with a warm, gorgeous light and I felt very lucky and loved.

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