Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The Gratitude Project: Day 1

Hello blog readers! I know it has been a while... at some point, I'll write a big long post explaining why, but for now just know that it is all good (and if you want to see more stuff, follow me on Twitter as ChristaGiles, or hook up with me on Facebook!)

I'm joining Tilly's (via Robin?) gratitude project: I'm posting 3 things each day for the next 30 days that I'm actually truly grateful for, no matter how silly or small.

1) my health

2) the good connection I have with my family

3) the extended family/friendships I've made - especially neat to see how my circle has ...expanded in the last two years!

(there, big ones taken care of, right on day 1)

(Posted to my blog on Day 2, having started on Facebook but then realizing that I had more to write than would fit on a single status update)

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