Wednesday, April 01, 2009


A bit of catch-up.

1 - visit to see my new knitting site, including a buncha stuff about patterns and whatnot

2 - visit to learn about my new dealie-O offers to work at bringing new students in, and rewarding past students for sticking around or referring folks to me

3 - follow me on Twitter (I'm ChristaGiles) to get semi-daily updates of 140 characters or less (whee!)

4 - share my excitement about having a pattern accepted into a knitting magazine in the fall!

5 - share my excitement about having a free pattern get a significant mention on Cast On, the world's most popular knitting podcast... hopefully next month with my name and the pattern name actually attached :) (heck, mystery mentions with pleas for help in identifying can be good, too!)

6 - share my excitement about going to North Carolina in June, for an extended weekend of hooping with the Hoop Path folks.. Chris is coming, so I'm going to try to build his mad hooping skills, along with helping him teach hoopers to juggle more :)

7 - share my relief that the whacked brain chemistry of early January and February has eased off and I'm operating with a much more even keel these days

8 - send good healing vibes my way to help me deal with the fatigue that has been hitting me for the last couple weeks

9 - send more good healing vibes that the weird bit of skin on my shoulders (not a mole, not a zit, not an ingrown hair) gets quickly identified and dealt with by a dermatologist as soon as I can get in to see one, and that the minor squiggly internal pain that makes itself known during, ahem, intimate moments shows up on the ultrasound I'm getting in a couple weeks as nothing to be worried about.

10 - be amazed and impressed that in the last two months I have pretty much kicked caffine (no more chais), Starbucks (waaaay less non-chais and no cookies), and overly crappy eating.

11 - be more amazed and impressed that I have managed to stop aquireing yarn and am instead making progress towards paying off my credit cards while knitting (and weaving, and spinning) from my stash

12 - be pleased that I am still happily in love with C, and this whole relationship stuff (including working through the bumpy bits) is a whole giant chunk better than what I thought I could ever have, back when I was running solo.

Love you!

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