Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Wow, back pain?

It has been such a long time since I've had lower back pain, I'd forgotten how depressing it is...

Not sure why, but I've had an ache in my lower left back/upper left hip for the last couple of days, and it is spreading towards the centre now. Means I won't go out hooping in the sun today, and I'm a bit worried about doing the pool setup and takedown for the Zajak meet this weekend, wah!

On the non-back pain side of things, I've found out that the hooping segment will probably be on the 6pm news tonight, yay! .. and my other plans for the day include buying bungee cord so I can make collapsible hoops, maybe hitting a rock and gem shop so I can find some nifty things for my jewelry-making aspirations (may change that to going to a thrify-junk shop to see what I can find in terms of jewelry that needs to be reworked.. like Mom's enamel pendant that I now love since changing its setting)... .. and something else that I just forgot during the conversation my roomies are having about computer games.

Dammit, just lost my comment when I switched accounts.

At any rate, I hear you on the back pain. I slipped on the deck on Sunday, and didn't bail, but my right hip let out a very unhappy pop.

And the pain.

And I have a WSI starting on Saturday. At least I have a minion for it.

I mean, apprentice. :)
Hooray for minions! I'm supposed to have one for my next NLS course... if it runs.. and gosh, that money would be nice, but hooping and playing waterpolo would also be nice. Especially if there was money to be had... :)
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