Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Why I stay up til 3am

[2:25:53 AM] Rebekkah says: Sage, can you remind me where Whore Landlords came from. The name, I mean?
[2:26:02 AM] Rebekkah says: I have a vague memory of it from earlier.
[2:26:06 AM] sagetyrtle says: I mean, if you CAN'T buy a fucking FABULOUS t-shirt for CHARITY then fuck YOU.
[2:26:16 AM] sagetyrtle says: Rebekkah - Just a sec, I'll show you.
[2:26:19 AM] Brenda Dayne says: christa was blowing her landlord, REMEMBER!
[2:26:20 AM] Rebekkah says: yeah, but did it say whore on it?
[2:26:28 AM] Rebekkah says: ooh yeah!
[2:26:33 AM] Brenda Dayne says: it was from that conversation
[2:26:45 AM] Rebekkah says: Okay. I thought it was a green room name. But not sure.
[2:26:52 AM] Brenda Dayne says: christa may STILL be blowing her landlord... for all we know
[2:27:06 AM] Brenda Dayne says: but, you know, we should talk about her behind her back
[2:27:08 AM] sagetyrtle says: It was NOT from that conversation. Geez.
[2:27:19 AM] Brenda Dayne says: Are you sure?
[2:28:11 AM] sagetyrtle says: Look, if you're not going to spend 4 hours a day memorizing EVERYTHING you hear on QN, then what the fuck am I *doing* here?!
[2:28:12 AM] sagetyrtle says: *grin*
[2:28:16 AM] Brenda Dayne says: Christa is ALSO blowing her entire water polo team. Or so I heard (that'll teach her to miss tea)
[2:28:42 AM] Brenda Dayne says: sorry, sorry sage.
[2:28:44 AM] Rebekkah says: Well, she has an excuse. She's obviouly *tired* after all that.
[2:28:53 AM] Brenda Dayne says: of course she is
[2:30:15 AM] Brenda Dayne says: okay, must go, I am terribly busy and important you know
[2:30:25 AM] Brenda Dayne waves to all the little people

Yes, these are fellow podcasters and knitting designers, part of a chat room on Skype where we discuss very serious things... oh, and slander whoever doesn't show up.

I've been very active the past couple of days, and therefore VERY tired by the time I get home, so I haven' t stayed awake for the regularly scheduled 'tea time' chat... it happens at 2am my time, which is great when I'm in my usual night-owl mode, 5am Toronto time, for Sage the eary-riser, and who knows what time it is in Wales, which is where Brenda lives.

So, an explanation: No, I am blowing neither my landlord nor my entire waterpolo team. (a certain Russian, however, makes that kinda appealing... not the WHOLE team... just him.. ./grin) That reference was to a conversation we had at the end of April, where I said I had to go to sleep soon because I had a lunch date with my slumlord (just kidding, Wolfie)... which, interpreted by these lovely women, quickly became a scene where I wasn't meeting him to provide rent cheques, but other services-in-lieu. Yep, they're raunchy women.. gotta love 'em :)

Off to podcast.. 'cause what else am I gonna do when I'm awake at 8am?! Damn.. no, wait.. lovely sun :)

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