Thursday, May 24, 2007


Whoops, I missed another one.

My body is actually getting much better at signalling to me that I need to go to sleep RIGHT NOW... my late night reading-in-the-bath sessions have been ended mid-book, when I realize that I've not processed anything in the last three pages and that I'm doing dropsies in the tub.

I'm still digging this experience, though.. as Kimberly says, writing stream-of-conciousness stuff is easy, and it makes me actually LOOK at what is happening in my head. Not a bad thing. And, it is excellent practice for the day when I start blogging about my knitting on a near-daily basis, which will (should) help kick up my online interest.. that, and posting photos, which knitters really dig.

I got a lovely comment from the queen of knitting podcasts today, while squealing over her recent invitation to be a guest star on a knitting cruise to Alaska... "Christa, your show is really good. You'll get there. You're the only podcast focused on design." ... so I have my hopes and dreams of hosting a Knitting Across Canada on the Train tour... or cruising, or flying to NZ, or SOMETHING...

.. I should prob work a bit more on the actual publishing of my patterns, first. And getting on That would help.

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