Friday, May 11, 2007


Whoops, almost forgot to write :)

BUT.. I remembered.. 'cause the last thing I do before I go to bed is spend a couple hours aimlessly clicking around my selection of favourite links.

This is not such a good thing, especially when the sun is rising early and hitting my window before 9am, so I wake up... but only with 6 hours of sleep. So, tonight, I'm going ot go to bed before 1am. Three minutes left to write, one minute to pee. Oh, sorry, too much information? C'mon, middle-aging woman here (that felt so weird to type..)...

I'm feeling better today, got a bit more rational and less defensive.. I guess it helps that my businesses are currently doing really well, have almost filled some of my summer classes already, and haven't done the promotional stuff yet.. and spoke to enough of you yesterday that the whole concept of talking vs attacking/defending, and supporting rather than protecting... dealing with the world from a concept of ... ack.. this was such a good phrase.. ah, yeah, abundance.

Abundance was the topic of a chat done in the SEARCH program by one of the co-leaders, who shared many incredible (some, horrible) personal stories with us... but it came down to this: believe that everything you need will come to you, and it will. Worry about things being taken away from you, and.. not so good things happen.

There's my thought for the night. Kinda "The Secret", eh? (no, I haven't seen it, just hearing everyone talking about it...) Or, karma.

Pee time!

I want to know more about what you're up to these days, craft-wise and business-wise. We'll have to chat next time we see each other (and have some spare time)!
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