Monday, May 14, 2007


The ups and downs of a day.

(written whilst listening to the roomies and friend listen to a zombie movie, where someone is about to be prophalactyly killed so he doesn't die and then come back as a zombie)

Up: got to work on time. This is something to rejoice, because I have a harder time of it at this job than anywhere else, perhaps because I know that it is 'just' a yarn shop, so I don't have the same urgency as I used to, with the pool and shifts and stuff.

Down: got to work already wiped. Reasonably good reasons (?) but still, tired and blah isn't a nice way to start the work day.

Up: had a really tasty lunch. I took time before leaving home to throw together some salad ingredients I bought yesterday: tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, baby greens and tomato tortillas, in a Tupperware(tm) box. Num! Super energy for the rest of the afternoon!

Down: my class didn't show up for hooping at the Roundhouse. 3 registered, 3 regular drop-ins, and no-one showed. Checked my email after the fact, and saw that two had cancelled earlier in the day... but still... c'mon.

Up: Since my class didn't show up, it meant I got to dance around for 40 minutes by myself, and work on some things I haven't done much of.. one of which was playing with dramatic, performance-worthy moves.

Down: I went too hard, and now I've got a kink in my neck.

Up: I get to go read in the tub for a while to get the kink out.

Down: After that, I need to spend 3-4 hours doing recording and editing for the podcast that is supposed to be out tomorrow. Somehow I lost a couple days this week.

Up: Tomorrow, I get to hang out with Jake and Christiana a bit more, either heading to Lynn Canyon via Lonsdale Quay, or hitting Granville Island

Down: tomorrow I find out whether or not the May NLS crash course will be running. I've been planning to finish off my VISA payments with the May and June courses, so it would be sad if it didn't go, money-wise, though I'd be happy about being able to hoop and play polo.

Undecided: Vancouver Folk Music Festival really needs me for the Security post I've worked for the past five years, and wanted to avoid this year. Apparently they are being renamed "Safety" - so now, before getting into really emotional, bitter, battering arguements with members of the public, I get to tell them that they have to sit down for 'safety' reasons. Gah. Nice to feel needed, but...

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