Saturday, May 19, 2007



Earl Snedden - I have no idea when he was born, but he passed away today, in Ontario, where he has farmed with my aunt Marilyn, for all of MY life.. I don't know enough about his life before that time to say if he's ever been anything other than a dairy farmer.

It was cancer, and it has been around for long enough to be a slow, drawn out fight that we're glad he's at peace. Mom is heading back east to be with her sister, and that's about all that Heather (my sis) has relayed to me so far.

He is the second uncle I've lost, without really feeling that I know anything about them as individuals... and I'm thinking about changing that with the remainder of my living relatives.

Hey, you... friend or family member of mine reading this... I love you. If I die tomorrow, I've had a wonderful life with no major regrets, just minor ones that remind me to be more daring in the time I have left. Hopefully you can say the same :)

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