Saturday, May 12, 2007



Okay, I don't normally like to use terms that are used for female anatomy as derogative terms.. but 'pussies' is just such a good, rhymes-with-wussy, word.. that I can't resist.

This is to all the big, strong, rough, tough CREAMPUFFS that were whining about how cold the pool was today. Yeah, so, its only 68 degreees.. is that gonna kill ya? You couldn't jump in, suck up the sting for five minutes or so, and then play? Nooooo, you had to leave, or sit on the bleachers instead of getting in, so we had no subs, and wound up having to stop early because everyone was tired. (okay, and because the goalie with no body fat woulda died if we didn't stop). It was fun, though :)

Looking forward to some sunshine tomorrow, gonna ride my bike wearing my nifty new skirt lookin' all cute n all! (okay, gak)

Right now, I'm off to soak in the tub with my legs elevated - the five hours of hooping while barefoot on concrete is perhaps not the BEST idea for foot health.. but dang, it was fun! Met Jake and Christiana today, a couple of friends I've only chatted with online and via helping each other out with podcasts, and they ROCK! They hooped, they poied, they brought me super-uber-hot-sauce that scares me... and I'm gonna take them up to Lynn Canyon on Tuesday for a teeny stroll and picnic!

Um. Poied? Did I miss something? Or is it just waterlog from the AWSI this weekend and last?
I, being the self-appointed chief of blog police, deem it necessary to bust you for non-postage.

Christa Giles
fine: design of one (1) dog-carrying rack for 2007 honda jazz (dog weight: 17 lbs)
crime: not posting 50+ words to "The Curious Mind of Xta" on this day: May 13th 2007.
68 degrees? JUMPING JESUS ON A POGO STICK!!! I used to have to LAYER the neoprene when it dropped below 75!!! Jumping into a 68 degree pool would be like... like... well breathtaking at this point!
Kim, I swear I had the best reason... Booty called!
Oh, and Nicole: "poi" are the things at the end of ropes that people swing around in pretty dancing patterns, sometimes on fire. See for videos.

Mark? Which Mark? DocJelly? Blevis? PhotoMark? I can't see your profile :(
Home of There's a comment in there somewhere.

I'd be curious to know if Mark above is DocJelly. Last I heard he was splashing in Cayman. Although, I did just find his website.

And neoprene in 75 degree water? Good lord. What sort of wuss wears neoprene in balmy water like that?

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