Friday, May 18, 2007


Pros and Cons of being my own boss

Pro - I get to decide whether or not I feel like working. Today, not so much.
Con - I get to be really freaked out about the lack of consistent income. Today, mildly freaked.

Pro - I get to hear feedback about me and my business, and take all of the credit for it.
Con - I get to explain to people that "Hoop Play", in capitals, is something I've been using as a brand for my classes since Jan 2006. And no, I'm not a bitch for asking other people to choose something else for their own sessions.

Pro - I'm sooo much happier!
Con - ... Oh, right, that whole lack-of-security stuff. Pffft. Totally worth it still :)

Shortie for tonight, 'cause the roomie is sleeping in the living room since his dad is in his bedroom, so I'm gonna go find some vampire porn and soak for a bit. Cute Russian polo players tomorrow! (and isn't it odd... I can't think of any other occassions where I repeatedly use someone's ethnicity to identify them.. but all the waterpolo players from Russia get lumped this way. Curious.)


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