Friday, May 25, 2007


I've misplaced my fear, have you seen it?

Somewhere, in the last two months, I seem to have lost that bit of me that would keep me from flirting with people, talking to strangers, or staying late at a fire spinning session after all my closer friends have left.

Last night's burn was fun, though I managed to both lightly singe my hand and briefly set my pants on fire... but my safety dude had leapt up, ready to douse me with a blanky, and it went out on its own as the fuel burned off. New fire poi got spun for the first time - a little shorter than I've used before, but that means I can do windmill arm circles and they won't hit the ground.. and I tried a number of moves that I really should have practiced more when I WASN'T using fire, oops, silly me.

Today I'm stiff and sore, and a bit surprised about that.. didn't think I hooped/spun enough yesterday to account for this, and the yarn shop work wasn't that physically demanding. I DO understand why my wrists and thumbs are sore, though... but I really really really want to finish this cute hemp bag I'm crocheting.. yes, crochet. I've figured out how to read crochet charts, and the world is mine!

(okay, it is just another method of manipulating fibre.. but dang, its fun!)

Today's plans: bath, breakfast, reading... then probably packing my hoops onto my bike (jury-rigging a support off my rack rather than hauling the trailer, since I'm just taking a couple down) heading downtown for some personal spin time, then joining the monthly Critical Mass ride for the first time, where hundreds of cyclists ride through the streets. "We're not blocking traffic, we ARE traffic!" Should be a party!

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