Saturday, May 05, 2007


An apple a day...

Okay, so Katie and I have agreed to do a 30-day challenge of posting something on our blogs every day. We didn't discuss an actual start date, but I figured I would begin NOW.

Of course, this is currently just an extension of the last four hours that I've spent online, putting together a little shop on Etsy.

What is Etsy, you ask? Well... first, visit: and look at the nifty collection of photos of handmade stuff, that may be related by theme, colour, material... or something a little more obscure. So far, so good? Okay, the details: individuals sign up with Etsy for their own shop. Mine is .. and the shop itself is free. The costs come in the listings, 20 cents (US) per item posted, and in a cut of the selling price, 3.75% from the final price, not including shipping. So... outlay, including PayPal fees, will be somewhere in the range of $1.. and I'll get $4USD for emailing something that I've already put the work into designing, doing pattern layout, and creating a PDF file...

.. now my only hope is that I don't need to redo all the info and photo input for relisting the pattern as it sells out (a suggested strategy is to post something every day, to keep your shop in the first page of the listings in every catagory you belong to..) so my time costs don't go crazy.


Oh, and did I mention that I'm prob going to be in the 'Canada Knits!' column of Vogue Knitting, in the Holiday 2007 issue?! EEEEEEEE! :) The joys of self-promoting....

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