Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Ah, roommates.

As one is gently snoring on the couch a few feet away from me, and the other is in bed, after setting up his computer so I could watch the last two episodes of Heroes... I can reflect and realize that I do enjoy living with these two interesting men... and would probably enjoy it even more if I did a bit more of carrying my own weight around here, rather than just paying higher rent (I got the biggest room by far) but doing no chores.

Maybe I'll readopt the bathroom... since the one thing I can't handle is the ring in the toilet bowl, I've been cleaning that for a while, but I'll make an effort to do floors and surfaces a bit more often. Maybe I'll also clean my room and create the workspace I've been talking about forever, organized in a way that will totally work with my style of dumping things as soon as I walk in the door (don't change the person, change the system).. so I will have less crap in the living room.

Having company in the house is generally lovely (still haven't brought anyone home to shake the walls when they're around), and is particularly nice when they cook for me, or bring me snacks from food runs, or show me nifty artsy things they've done and want to hear my opinion... Yeah, I dig it.

See yesterday's comments to read about the TV thing.

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