Tuesday, May 22, 2007


9 hours of post-production later...

.. and Episode Six of the Christa Knits podcast is up. Visit http://podcast.christagiles.com to see the show notes and download directly, or search for "Christa Knits" in iTunes.

Don't have much else to say.. I'm tired, didn't get quite enough sleep last night, weird dreams.. and I think I might have fractured or splintered my elbow on Saturday, from a bad hit to the funnybone with a staff.. but funnybone hits don't usually stay tender and tweaky three days later, eh?

Tomorrow, CTV is coming to tape a segment on hooping for fitness. I'm going to try to put a helpful spin on my approach while not selling out completely, all while trying to make sure that my class is functional for all my students, not just the cameraperson trying to get the best possible shot. Wish me luck! And, nerves! And, a halt to my blushing!

wait, today tomorrow, or tomorrow tomorrow? the late-night/early-morning confuses me so!

good luck!! or, if it was today, how'd it go?!?!

also, you haven't sold out until you've released a video with an mtv soundtrack filled with bands like the killers, mxpx, billy talent and ...you know...those bands.
The dude from CTV didn't show, AND didn't bother calling/emailing me to let me know that he wasn't going to show. Grr. Ah well, hope he's okay.

I've been working on a video with Brittney Spears, the Pussycat Dolls, and previous American Idol winners on it.. is that bad?
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