Monday, January 01, 2007


New Years Eve and Me... a strange mix.

The two things I hate most about New Years Eve are the coupley-ness (or at least pressure to hook up by midnight so you have someone to kiss - I remember one year in Williams Lake actually being happy that at least I was kissing someone.. even though he'd already made out with a couple other girls and fucked at least one of them downstairs at that house party while other people 'secretly' spied on them...)... and the drunken people.

[I just totally got stuck in babble-mind over "drunkenness" "drunkeden" etc... so now even "drunk" looks wrong. Say it five times fast, and then think about what a strange word it is...]

Not sure how Mom n Dad got me so thoroughly indoctorined (wow, big words.. that aren't necessarily spelled correctly, oops) against excessive drinking and drugs at an early age, but I was definitely the girl-most-likely-to-be Designated Driver.. and also the person generally on the outside looking in, watching all the other teens get drunk, do stupid things, get embarrassed about it the next day at school, and then do it all over again the following weekend... though I did sorta envy them for the way they could let alcohol ease that whole flirting thing. Guess getting rid of inhibitions might help, eh?

I spent most of the day poking around home, in an empty house as the two roommies are away for another five or six days.. then wandered down to Chapters for a bit, reading books that I wasn't going to buy, then off to Waves on Main, to sit and knit for 6ish hours. I wasn't left to wallow in loneliness, though.. phone calls from the family curbed that.

Mom, Dad, Heather... thanks :) You helped me get through the self-pity and get back to gratitude for the wonderful support network I have, and the great year I've had, and the hopefully great year ahead of me... and both the general chitchat and the "Everyone wish Christa a Happy New Year" shouts from the party environment made me feel better about sitting in a cafe by myself, knitting through New Years Eve.

I got a bit of exposure to the drunks on the bus, though no one was toooo rowdy (or vomiting or unconscious, another plus... no first aids due to alcohol, woo!).. and managed to get the sweater 95% done! Needs a bit more tweaking yet, but that can wait til next year... oh, wait, 2:53am... naw, THIS year!

Love y'all. Have a great 2007!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!

Love the blogging...

All the best for 2007!!!
Hey.. you read my blog? Cool :)

Wanna do an audio interview for my knitting podcast, in your wonderfully elegant accent? (got anything to say about knitting, or the people around you that you see knit, perhaps at work, perhaps sneaking it around when the boss isn't there.. )? ./grin

Happy New Year back :)

Sure i'll audio blog..

Sign me up!

(get my email address off KT)

I can blog about my mom and grandmas knitting and my attempt every year to make a scarf for myself which ALWAYS turned into a scarff for one of my dolls instead....
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