Saturday, January 13, 2007

Heard about this on the Lime n Violet podcast (riproaringly funny, if you have an hour to listen to two whacko chicks talk about yarn porn, boob rocks, and Kilt Boys): An astrological reading linked to the Pantone colours. (if you don't know what Pantone is, I forgive you for not being a design geek like me who would know things like the leading international colour uhm.. control company? They make giant fans of paint chips, of every possible shade, so that people who do design (paint, websites, art, printing things, forecasting fashion, etc) have a common point of reference.

Anyway, here's what it says about people born on September 19:

You are an interesting and provocative person with strong principles and a seductive nature. The truth is very important to you. You are constantly challenging yourself and others toward an idea of perfection. You are a natural researcher and can do well in any area once you put your mind to it. Your personal colour enhances mental ease while protecting your boundaries. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with the colour Cactus (Pantone 18-0130) increases your gratitude and recognition for all the teachers and life experiences that you have encountered.

Those of us born in September share the monthly colour Baja Blue. This is a divine and alluring colour that resonates with beauty, purity and wisdom. Mercury and then Venus move through the heavens during the month of September. This is a time when our thinking and our appreciation of beauty is heightened. Baja Blue increases our breadth of scope. It can help ease tension and promote tranquility. This colour opens the mind to higher concepts and a less limiting point of view. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Baja Blue encourages patience and eloquence.

I think it is nifty :) I even LIKE both of my colours.. and I thought that Sept 19 certainly sounds like me.. am I right? Second opinions out there?

(all the Canadian spelling of "colour" is mine, they're American, I believe..)

Now, off to hunt down that woman who creates weaving warps based on your horoscope...

Aspen Gold for June, and Tigerlily (dark bright orange - I suppose I can deal with that) for the 24th - gotta spend more time (AFTER work - oooh bad!) to read the thingies and decide if they fit me.
Hi Christa in answer to your comment on my blog, the auditions are for "Cabaret". Everyone is very excited about it... it is going to be such a fun show.

Main reason for dropping by: my friend Gilbert gave me a huge basket of knitting patterns he was getting rid of, there's a few I really like but all kinds of women's stuff etc I'll never use. I bet a super knitter such as yourself could make excellent use of them. Send me an e-mail and I'll get in touch with you as to how to send them to you.
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