Sunday, April 16, 2006


The Next Phase of Xta Life

Alright, sorry about the wonky formatting here.. these pics are "the freckles from last summer, soon to be renewed" "the dreads I want to eventually have" "the amazing hair sectioning job my dad did, in only three hours!" and "the before pic".

I've decided that this is the time in my life when dreadlocks might work. My main work activity is artsy, totally suited for the look of locks. My non-main work activity is still mostly hip and casual enough that I should be able to pull off either really tidy locks (not during Month 1, from what I hear!) or get away with wearing a bandana or hat around 'em.

Burning Man happens at the end of August, so I definitely want them at least for that long.. if they are working well, and I can get all the Playa dust out, I'll keep them longer.. the one long-term goal I have that might not be dreadlock-friendly is being an international waterpolo referee... but that's a few years down the road, and I think I'll be able to wear them through the regional and provincial level stuff in the meantime.

And, it is freckle season! Yes, I DO wear sunscreen.. but I freckle anyway, and I like 'em! Spring is here, woo woo! Time to play, time to hoop, time to flake in the sun by the pool and read trash for hours... once it stops raining!

Remember: spend time doing what you love, living the way you want to live... embrace joy!

Weather: grey, overcast. Last week in Williams Lake it went from being sun-burningly hot, to hail and snow. Lovely, eh?

Chai's: back to buying them in person, but managed to keep myself to just one yesterday.. today, buying cartons!

Water: polo yesterday for the first time in a week-and-a-bit, and I totally hurt this morning. Hopefully won't be quite so bad this afternoon, and in mere moments it will be breakfast-in-the-tub time!

Wardrobe: warm jammies: blue mud-print baggy pants, the sweatshirt Dad brought back from UNB a number of years back, and my lovely Maiwa robe, the best hey-you're-self-employed-now, you-need-a-better-robe present I've ever given myself!

Craft in progress: hm... "dink" hat for Dave of Chub Creek podcast, non-felted bags for Urban Yarns (hope they don't mind my purple and green colour combo), periwinkle sleeves for the sweater I haven't fully visioned yet... yikes. That's a lot. Ah well.

PS - secret reason for all those pictures? I'm popping one into the ePlaya forum, so all of us chatting there can see who we're chatting with... and the blog was the easiest way for me to get url's for the pics! Shhh...

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