Friday, April 21, 2006


Dreads are Done!

One of these days I'll figure out how the heck formatting these pics is suppose to work. Anyway.. so, here's the two-day-old-but-not-"final"-product.. that will take a few more months! The dreads-all-down shot, the dreads-in-a-pony-tail shot, and the "Wow, I've never looked so much like the way Heather looks in photos before, I think.." shot... something about my smile and eyes just looks so Heatherish.. its cool :)

Nothing new to report, other than I'm still on a mad Burning Man high, was at MEC today eyeballing all the things I'd like to buy, but should really beg/borrow/steal instead! (okay, maybe not the stealing.. I think the guilt from having Mom blaming other people when *I* was actually the person stealing from church, and then hearing that she had to go apologize to them and admit it was her daughter.. kinda cured me.)

So... I'm gonna borrow Vince's 10-person, shiny-side-outable tent (bigger than Dad's, and shiny, and Vince accepts the mess of Burning Man)... hopefully get nice steel tent pegs from Dad... just bought 19 yards of dayglo-pink ripstop nylon to sew into a shade structure of some sort (planning to NOT lose my way back to my camp... "Hey, anyone seen that giant pink place?")

And... now I'll need the following:

... and a bunch of other stuff, but I'll stop there for now. Any offers? :)

Weather: sunny enough to dress as it if was Spring, but windy enough I was regretting it at times

Chai's: One, whilst wandering Chapters (still keeping my resolution: no disposable cups!)

Water: hot tub and swim in the ODP - twas lovely, and nice to recover after last night's polo practice, which made my wonky shoulder tweaky enough to make me stop mid-scrimmage

Wardrobe: my new hippie-classy-dready look, which today includes an ankle-length black tiered skirt, green scoop-T, green pottery button-as-necklace, and lampwork earrings.. "Ooh! Look at me! I'm artsy!" Pffft.. but yeah :)

Craft in progress: all the stuff listed last time.. not doing much, so no progress to report :)

Nothing hi-tech-lightweight, but I can contribute sleeping bag, pad (not cushy foam, but good protection from the ground, and impervious to water and sand), and crowbar - do you want one of the shop sledges? If that's too much, may I suggest a 4-lb hammer instead? About the size of a regular claw hammer, but heavy enough for most mid-range jobs. Let Dad know about the last two, and he can pull them off the shop inventory list - the sleep stuff is at home, buried in the shed.

I love the dreads - my next incarnation (starting soon) will include more ink, and a possible radical change in hair, and a highway 'cycle, and possibly a mountain bike - depends on how well my knees take to it. Big changes for both of us, and a chance to learn more about how we want to guide our own growth.

I also loved the note about Dave. In case I haven't told you yet (I'm pretty sure he never said it, but also pretty sure you could tell he loved you too), he was proud as punch to have a sister-in-law-ish as fun and interesting as you. Love you always - H
Totally Heather-esque. It's the smile and the tilt of the head. Love the hair!!!!
will your dad section my hair? i am not bold enough for dreads, i just really like the fancy net look of that sectioning business.
LOL... he did say he liked playing with hair, though at about 1.5 hours inthat process, he was complaining of being stiff.

If you bribe me with nummy food and good movies, I'd section your hair for you... or maybe that could be the next theme of a Katie party..

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(did I not have the word-recog thing on before? My bad..)

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