Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Dave Mitchell Nov 18, 1956 - Apr 5, 2006

I called Dave my brother-in-law-ish, because he and Heather were never formally wed... but their partnership had the same quality and strength and love and playfullness as our parents' marriage.

Dave died peacefully in his sleep, of a massive heart attack. It wasn't a surprise, as he'd been diagnosed with incredibly high blood pressure in the last few months, but we are all considering it to be a blessing that he didn't die while on the road in his logging truck (potentially hurting other people) and that he didn't suffer a stroke and survive as a lesser person - he wouldn't have been happy with that.

I'm at home in Williams Lake, spending time with Heather and my parents, and looking forward to the service and celebration of Dave's life, happening on Wednesday. I'll post pictures of that when I have time, because I'll bet that you've never seen a truck memorial procession, or seen a reception held in the lot and hut of a truck detailing company... it will be good.

Be well, tell your loved ones often that you love them (or make sure that all the little things that you do carry the same meaning, if the actual words are hard for you). I love all of you. (yes, even the odd stranger who might read this blog. You are worthy of love, therefore I love you.)


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