Thursday, March 02, 2006


The One-Word Game.

A friend sent me an email, asking me to reply with one single word that I felt best described her. I thought this was such a neat idea, I sent the same request out to my list of friends.

Here's what I got back, in order received, with the name of sender:

Passionate (Brendan)
Gorgeous (Zohar, who is a model)
Fierce (Katie... who hasn't even SEEN the *&^% I've stirred up at work yet..)
Creative (with some feeling of "well, duh!", from Rebecca)
Inclusive (Sophie)
Unconventional (Liana)
Amazon (Phil)
Tentative (David... which shows just how well he really knows the inner me)
Alive (sis Heather)
Hot (Shane)
Vital (Becky)
Insatiable (Felix)

I am Christa, and my friends think that I am passionate, gorgeous, fierce, creative, inclusive, unconventional, amazon(ian?), tentative, alive, hot, vital and insatiable. Interestingly, my two closest friends Kyle and Paul didn't send in their responses.. may have to hunt them down for an answer. and add to the list... ah well!

I think I'm gonna post that on my wall.. beside the giant checklists of self-employment and life plans that I have plastered up there!

Thanks for playing, everyone... These words made my week :)

Weather: I actually missed most of the day, stayed at home in jammies until 5pm or so.. was grey and overcast but not TOO chilly at that point.

Chai's: just one, enjoyed at Kyle n David's place prior to watching Lost... we're playing catchup on Season Two episodes..

Water: tub in the morning (well, noonish by the time I get through my morning emails and site checks n stuff) and polo practice at night.. thank god for the dedicated two other people who showed up, AND who made for an interesting hour of gossip and passing and shooting!

Wardrobe: Very... lame isn't the right word, but plain might be good. Purple longsleeve T from MEC, and jeans from Eddie Bauer that I finally lengthened to a ragged bottom, after owning and wearing them too short for at least 5 years. Oh, and hat made of pretty periwinkle-blue-with-bits-of-everything merino from Koigu yarns.

Craft in progress: 3/4 done a black seed-stitch and cabled hat (Rebecca gets credit for the seed, after her feedback looking at swatches I was knitting while visiting her and Paul in Seattle) but I can't FIND it now.. so I took the undyed wool-and-alpaca for some simple knitting on the bus while I listened to Crafty Pod podcast on my semi-functional iPod.

I saw that e-mail from another source - sent it out to a small circle (only the gang in the office, I think), and got back five different words for 'individual'. Okay, but what *else*?? ;o)
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