Friday, February 10, 2006


How much do I miss Katie? Let me count the ways..

1 - I miss the 10-minute bitch-about-the-morning-and-previous-evening-shifts we had every day sometime between Noon and 1:00.
2 - I miss that, even when bitching about something, she'd crack a joke and we could laugh about it.
3 - I miss sharing the excitement of new things... for instance, I got to try a fire hoop tonight for the first time, and I'm half-tempted to go into the pool at 8:30 tomorrow morning to tell her about it, before her NLS course starts.
4 - I miss the way she could talk about Weight Watchers and dieting, without ever, at-all, not-even-once making me think that she might think I was anything other than perfect, just as I am... and that she would give me the funky clothes that used to fit her, because they fit me :)
5 - I miss listening to her talk about the nummy yummy meal she made the night before, sometimes with commentary about how easy it was, but again without anything resembling pressure for ME to start cooking for myself.
6 - I miss talking about crafts, daily, with someone else who is craft-passionate. The roomies are cool, Phil is even artsy, but they aren't crafty.
7 - I miss the almost-daily Steve and Derrick stories.
8 - I miss her smile, because it invades her entire face, and when I think deeply about it, shows her connection to her widely-smiling family who are also all cool.
9 - I miss the blunt talk about sex, the ups and downs and ins and outs and battery-assisted or STD-challenged (me, not her) but all of it empowering and open. Sex rocks. Being able to talk freely about sex rocks harder.
10 - I miss the intelligent, educated opinions and insights on politics and the environment and our effects on both
11 - I miss having someone else to sigh and shake my head with, for she knew what I knew, mostly felt what I felt, and understood the need to grin and bear it... and...
12 - I miss watching her do a better job of grinning and bearing it than I could do... it still amazes me, to this day, the things that Katie can take, waaaaaay past my intolerance-of-stupidity boundary.
13 - I miss having her catch my mistakes, but not lay guilt or pressure on me about them... I could fix it (what, like create test sheets from five months ago?) and that would be fine.
14 - I miss having her nag about the fixes that I didn't get done in a timely fashion... I could use some of that right now, about the things that I'm STILL putting off.. (sometimes I hear a Katie voice, or see a Katie face, that tells me I'm letting a bit too much slide... hence the WCB claim that is being filed on Monday, instead of last October..)
15 - I miss seeing her in the pink t-shirt that makes her look like she's wearing makeup, even though she isn't.
16 - I miss trying to keep my mess on my side of the desk space... and Katie ranting at me for stealing her pens.
17 - I miss watching her fool around with the staff, particularly KTS and Scott, who may or may not be in her bracket right now.
18 - I miss the teamwork, of knowing that there was someone else there who understood that the load was shared, and either of us would do anything to help the other out.
19 - I miss chatting with her over the front-desk as one of us moves past while the other plays cashier - non-stop multitaskers, anyone?
20 - I miss compromising the integrity of the facility, the furtive knitting under the cover of our desks, the two-guards-guarding-while-gossiping on deck, the baiting of the swim coaches, the teasing of the swimmers, insulting the annoying regulars.. and all the other bad stuff we did to balance being so damn good at our jobs.

She was the best co-worker I've ever had. Thankfully, she's still a friend, so I don't have to miss her so much... but it would be pretty cool if she was just around the corner here at home, when I want to share excitement about an interview or ask an opinion on my new website, or talk about my work plan for the day, or bitch about not getting my laundry done even though I've had 3 days to put a load in the frickin' wash...

MSN helps, but it just ain't the same. A toast: To Katie!

Weather: sunny clear and crisp, and bloody cold to be out teaching a hooping private at 7pm in the crisp, clear, CHILLY night

Chai's: one, when I had my mug with me on the way to the pool for a swim, plus a hot chocolate in-store (to avoid the disposable cup) on my way to the hoop private

Water: tub in the morning, a swim in the afternoon that actually felt GOOD for the first time since the polo tourney last weekend.. I don't remember ever being so stiff and sore FOUR DAYS after an event, I must be getting old...

Wardrobe: black flare-ish sweats that I bought for bellydance/hoop classes, but that are about two inches too short and need something sewn on, a long-sleeve MEC t in navy (new jammies top, accidently wore it out the other night without realizing it was food-stained), and the giant cream Aran sweater that Phil's Claire gave me, to bring my body temp back up after the cold night of hooping

Craft in progress: still haven't finished the last bit of the multi-coloured sweater, but it is living in the pile of clothes on my floor. Started a multi-textured sweater for my mom, still swatching the options, and also started a cream cabled cloche, carefully writing down the pattern in the hopes of getting it published! Go, me!

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