Sunday, June 26, 2005


Site Update!

Mostly just to take out the dated stuff that some of you have pointed out (thanks!) and to add the hooping news that I've already posted here.. gotta get some pics of that up, soon!

I'm now on my third 100' roll of irrigation tubing, so... over a dozen hoops made, and a few more in uncut form just waiting to be snipped and melted and plugged together.. and I have some shiny glitter tape that should be arriving in the next day or two! Razzmatazz!

Weather: overcast again.. was BEAUTIFUL yesterday, while I was inside helping Wolf paint his rental house that may or may not become my next abode.

Chai's so far: One. This may be on the next list of things I'm going to cut down, now that Magazines are under control.

Water Exposure so far: Bath, and polo... I think I played better yesterday than today, but I think in general everyone in the pool was low-energy and cranky ;) Upcoming water exposure: HUGE! I'm going to be teaching Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross all next week, so in the water a couple times a day, for hours at a time.. brrrrr...

Music: All about hooping.. just getting into buying stuff that makes me think "performance worthy"

Wardrobe: black linen capris, watermelon handknit tube top, and a necklace that I made, revamping a piece of enamelled copper that I salvaged from an old necklace of my mom's, just making a bezel for it with a couple half-loops soldered on, and a shiny black cord run through those... very hip, yet timeless.

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