Saturday, March 05, 2005


Siblings with Similar Mis-Spellings?

From a conversation my sister and I had on MSN yesterday:

We also share similar hair colour (hers is wavier), similar bust size (hers is..bustier?), and a rather sardonic outlook on life, while yet retaining a good spark of silliness that rears its head often enough to keep us secretly (and not-so-secretly) amused.

She used to beat me up... but also threaten to beat up the boys who were thinking about dating me. We would both steal money from our parents and blame the other one, but skip out of church together and go shoot pool at Tommy's, the local billiards place. She trashed the car that I was supposed to be able to drive when I turned 16, but happily let me drive us both around Toronto in a rental car even though it meant we got lost a few times, and saw a couple fields more than once before we managed to find the highway...

In short, Heather's the ideal kind of sister. Helped shape the person I grew into (by whacking the stuffing out of the person I was), and since we became actual friends after moving to different cities, has been the one person I am unafraid to tell anything. Anything at all. Yes, she knows EVERYTHING... and if that frightens you, well.. maybe I just won't tell her where you live.

Anyway.. get to know her a bit better by checking out her blog again (way back there in my first or second entry), or by hanging out with us next time she's in town.. she's a good one.


Grey, a bit of drizzly rain.... typical Vancouver, like it used too much sunshine last month and needs to cut back now.

Chai's so far

One, at my Chapters stop to finish reading the book I started last night. I'm soooo bad.

Water exposure so far:

Morning bath, about to go in for a swim (ugh, long course due to swim meet) before the racers get back in... body is a bit stiff again, but that's normal for all the schlepping we did of lane ropes and deck equipement yesterday.

Craft project in progress:

just bought buttons for the cardigan from the nice lady at Button Button, who is thinking of selling her store (gasp!).. very sad, but the nice metallized shell buttons go well with the Teddy Bear colour yarn.. the cardi is coming along well, too.. I'm up on the yoke part, working raglan decreases with the sleeves attached to the body, and having fun improvising the cable interactions as I go.


Knee socks, Mary Janes, and that A-line denim skirt I bought last month, plus a long-sleeve, deepscoop neck black sweater that shows off my clavicles. (funny how things stick in your head from high school.. my chum Karin told me that I had thick ankles, but good clavicles... and I'm still surrepticiously checking out my lower legs to see if I know what she was talking about..)

Music of the Day:

Doesn't fully apply, since my CD player has decided to conk out again.. but I'll share this: The soundtrack from Big Fish is lovely.. "Man of the Hour" convinced me to buy it, but some of the oldies (Buddy Holly and others) are fun, too.

I'm trying to decide whether to be indignant about that car comment, or cry my eyes out over the mushy stuff. Well... maybe the runny eyes is mostly due to my brand new cold - but I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

I note, dear Sista, that you didn't mention the time you banged up Dad's pickup while 'practice driving' in and out of the driveway, then tried to bribe me (with the price of a cup of coffee, mind you) to take the blame... :o)

I agree - you are my bestest friend, the one who can listen without judgment, share without reservation, and love without limit. You're a brain-party waiting for a place to happen, too! Gotta work - H
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