Tuesday, February 22, 2005


This title would be profane if I was less restrained.


Yes, I have now seen a performance of the Vagina Monologues. The live version is a vast improvement over reading the script (go figure), especially when the cast is a yummy spectrum of all the shapes, sizes, colours, and generations that women come in... a coworker from the yarn store where I work had two major pieces, one where she portrayed a woman in her early 70s, talking about "Down There" for the first time.. and the other one where she had all 300+ of us in the audience up on our feet chanting "Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!" as we reclaimed this beautiful, powerful word for ourselves. Most enjoyable, and I highly recommend it. (the whole show, not just saying "cunt"... )

For me, the Monologues were a good wake-up call of where I've been, and taking care not to return there. The performance is always done with the intention of ending violence against women and girls around the world, and my personal understanding of ending violence against ME includes forgiving, but never going back to, men who have done things to me against my will. "Safe, Sane and Consensual" still fits nicely with "No means No."

Other news: my vacation plans for April are starting to shape up nicely: a little travel for waterpolo, a bit of visiting friends to sit and chill in a city with no other demands on my time, and the opportunity to come back home and then take a silversmithing course in the ever-exotic city of Burnaby! Yes, if I play my cards right, I could bus out to East Hastings for a couple of day-long sessions and learn to work with silver in its sheet form, not just the Precious Metal Clay stuff (though it's quite cool, too.. I'm wearing a pendant I made the other morning, fired in my kiln, polished up, and then thought I was going to set off my smoke detector after midnight last night when I was holding it over a candle to get some carbon to blacken the shadows more... oopsie!)

www.pmcguild.com has some cool pictures and articles by master muck-molders I swear, I have to coat myself in olive oil before touching the stuff, or it sticks to EVERYTHING!

Weather: STILL warm and sunny, but cold enough at night to require defrosting windshields before driving (not that I own a vehicle, or ever will, but I get rides home from late-night polo...)

Chai's so far: One. Can't actually remember yesterday. Planning to have another in about an hour when I get to Chapters to read books that I won't pay for (though I DO buy CDs at full price there, and magazines, so I figure that makes up for it)

Water exposure so far: One bath, almost all of my lunch-break in the pool. Polo yesterday was okay, except I think I swam too hard in the sprint set (gotta impress the coach, eh?) and I didn't like the guy with the video camera poking around...
Craft project in progress: LOTS more rows on the cardigan... had a doctor appointment this morning, so tons of time to sit and knit while in the waiting room.. I'm on the "increase" section heading towards the shoulders, after nipping in for the waist... woo!

Wardrobe: Work uniform again, but accessoried by a lovely PMC pendant (see above for the full story...)

I also enjoyed the VM - live in Williams Lake, if you believe it, with momandad two rows back, all of us chanting just as enthusiatically as any big city. Yes, disturbing, yes galvanizing - we will move forwards.
Why do I think that I'm still not allowed to use that word?
P, try it as a word of celebration instead of the (more common) derogation - and practise, practise practise!
I still imagine that I'm not permitted to use the word, lacking said body part myself.

What gives, it's Friday and there's nothing new posted?
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