Friday, February 18, 2005


Goodbye, Tallow.

David and Kyle's cat, Tallow, has passed on... he was doing the same sort of slow, sad-to-watch severe weight loss that Belly did a few months back before she died...

He was a good cat, a kind cat, not the type of cat to pee on his owner when I'd approach wearing my hat with the kitty ears (unlike his brother, Leo)... he'd say hello with a regall nose-lift as he allowed me to scratch gently behind his ears, and he'd jump up on to my lap when I'd visit to watch TV, usually lounging around knee-length on my stretched legs, rather than being a lap-hogger He was a cat-nipper, especially in plant form, which he could smell even on the highest shelf, and would thus be forced to jump up to the shelf, knock it down, and eat it. Apparently he was also quite amusing to watch while on Valium, a recent attempt to stimulate his appetite... ah well.

Enjoy the cozy spots with sunbeams, my friend.

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